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Tokens of God’s Goodness

Another one from the GirlTalk Book Club file:

John MacArthur writes in chapter one: “We need to go back to Scripture to see what God’s ideal for a woman really is. And the biblical account of Eve is an excellent reminder of what a woman’s true priorities ought to be.”
How did this chapter influence how you think about your true priorities as a woman?
Chapter 1 – Eve: Mother of All Living
Due: August 10, 2006

“Eve was designed to be a mother, comforter, nurturer, and helper.” (p. 6) Even though the curse and consequences of her sin impacted every area of her life, the ultimate purposes for which she was created – to be Adam’s perfect companion, and the mother of the human race – still existed. This is why God created her.

As a mother, the very thing “which originally had the potential to bring the most undiluted kind of joy and gladness, would instead be marred by severe pain and difficulty.” (p. 19) However, in the midst of God’s judgment, Eve found hope in her children. For her, and for us, it was the hope of a Redeemer that would eventually come through her. But, even in the pain and difficulty, “Eve saw them as tokens of God’s goodness.” (p. 25) What a wonderful perspective to have on our children! We live in a day when children are typically viewed as an inconvenience, rather than a gift and blessing from the Lord. I love my daughter more than words could say, and I treasure my times with her, but…there are days that seem to be filled with non-stop crankiness, teething, and temper tantrums, and, this is a good reminder for me!