Year In Reveiw

2007~Year In Review

Dear Family & Friends,

As this year comes to an end, and I thought through the events of the past 12 months, I realized that 2007 was very unusual for our little family.  It was unusual in that, this year, we have no big moves, no new babies, and no new jobs to report!  There was a little excitement mid-October, when (for the second time in 4 years!) we were evacuated from our home, due to one of California’s many raging wildfires!  But, once again, the Lord mercifully protected us, our home, and our family.  Events like that are vivid reminders of His undeserved grace, mercy, and sovereign care in our lives…even, and especially in the little, everyday moments of life.

Jason continues to work full-time with the local high school district, and part-time with the Care Ministry at our church.  Hannah and I love having him home on a regular basis!  He keeps busy teaching our adult Sunday school class, and leading a men’s Bible study group twice a month.  The desire for full-time ministry is still there, and we will, of course, keep you posted if and when things start happening.

I (Veronica) am still loving life as a stay-at-home wife and mom!  Everyday I am humbled by the incredible blessing and privilege that it is to take care of my wonderful husband, our precious little girl, and our home.  I have also had the opportunity to get involved with one of the women’s Bible studies, as an assistant table leader.  It has been wonderful to get to know the ladies at my table, and to learn from, and interact with the godly women who lead this group. 

Hannah has probably had the most eventful year in our family!  She turned two in April!  And, since then, I have been reminded over and over that there is no longer a baby in our house!  Hannah is growing up, and we are so thankful for the sweet, energetic, beautiful little girl that she has become.  Some of the major events in her life this year: she is fully potty-trained, and is now sleeping in a big-girl bed!  Although she would gladly spend every waking moment playing outside (if Mommy would allow it!), she is very much a girly-girl!  She loves to “make dinner” (both the real and pretend variety), dance, play dress up, and adores all things Cinderella.  She has become Mommy’s little helper – and genuinely helps me around the house throughout the day!  She can write her name (with a little help), and can identify all of her letters.  She is now working on learning their corresponding sounds…and soon we will step into the wonderful world of reading!  We have also been working on Bible memorization, and I am amazed at how quickly her little mind works!  She can now easily recite several verses, and even a few longer passages of Scripture.  It is such a joy for us to hear her hiding God’s Word in her heart!  We look forward to the day when these truths would become more than just words and stories….

We pray that you also may know and understand the truth of God’s Word this Christmas…
“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” ~Luke 2:11

May you all have a blessed Christmas!

By His Grace,
Jason, Veronica, & Hannah Whitley