Homeschooling Decisions

We are not a homeschooling family…yet.  We do some “pre-school” stuff, but nothing that would be considered formal schooling.  I am just very much of the mind that it is never too early to start learning!  Hannah is not even three.  Although, I am already in the process of researching various methods, and curriculums as we are seriously considering it (homeschooling) for the very near future.

Yesterday morning, I heard about this on the radio, and I am sure that, by now, many of you have probably heard about it as well.

The Second Appellate District in Los Angles County handed down a decision on February 28 involving a non-member homeschool family that has caused much concern among California homeschoolers. (


The opinion holds that homeschooling is not a legal option in California. HSLDA strongly disputes this interpretation of California law. We believe that the court made a mistake when it relied on two decisions reached in the 1950s in order to show that homeschooling is not a legal option.
If the opinion is followed, then California will have the most regressive law in the nation and homeschooling will be effectively banned, because the only legal way to homeschool will be for the parent to hold a teaching certificate. Parents should not have to attend a four-year college education program just to teach their own children.
California is now on the path to being the only state to deny the vast majority of homeschooling parents their fundamental right to teach their own children at home. (

It appears that California law does not yet require teaching certification for homeschooling parents…but, as a result of this ruling, it definitely seems to be “on the path” that direction.

You can listen to today’s (Friday, March 7th) Focus on the Family broadcast for more information on this ruling, and what we can do to oppose it.  Dr. Dobson will be interviewing HSLDA chairman, Michael Farris.

Although these articles were written before this decision was handed down, they may give you some insight into why some parents choose to homeschool their children.  They offer a great perspective on the question of homeschooling, public schooling, or private schooling.  They also address the issues (and the questions and arguments that arise) from a very biblical perspective:

Even if you are not a homeschooling family…Or, maybe you are, but you do not live in California…Either way, please consider signing this petition.