1. I googled mom blogs in Kerrville and found you. You go to Kerrville Bible so you must know the Kerrs. My husband works with John out at camp and I am a stay at home blogger, vlogger, artist and mom. I have six daughters and only one at home still. The rest are grown, married or in college. I hope you will tune in to my online bible study tv show that I do twice a week. I do the same message each show….here are the links. Mon mornings 8:30am http://www.momtv.com/madre-minutes or Tues eve at 8:30pm http://tinyurl.com/3772tdx I would love to see your comments in the chat room and if you have webcam you can come on camera. Perhaps we can have coffee sometime and discuss blogging…..
    I hope to connect soon. Take care.
    Kindest regards,

    1. Barbara,
      Well, we are in Texas, but not Kerrville. About two and a half years ago, Kerrville Bible was looking for a youth pastor, and my husband was interviewing for the position. We did meet the Kerrs, and were even out at their camp on our visit. But, we actually ended up at a small church Arizona, and then the Lord moved us to the Houston area (last month!). 🙂

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