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{Not} Back to School Blog Hop: Our Homeschool Room

I am not at all exaggerating when I say I think this may be my favorite room in the house.



We have a great loft area upstairs, which I immediately claimed as our play/schoolroom when we were moving in!  I love it.  I know not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated school room…so I am enjoying it while I have it…because, I know that may not always be the case!!


Yes, we have been in this house for a little over a year and a half, and it is still something of a work-in-progress…


This little table is Hannah’s “desk,” for now.  Eventually, I’d love to get a bigger (sturdier) table, or desk.  But, for now, this will work for most of what she needs to do.  We can easily pull it into the middle of the room so that I can write on the board (copywork, math problems, spelling/vocabulary words, memory verses, etc.).  And, if we really need more room, then we’ll just pack it up, and move downstairs to the dining table!


This is the other half of the room…the “reading corner.”  That couch has already become the favored location for Bible time, story-time, and many reading lessons…and I am looking forward to many more! 


Yes, you will notice a few gaps in the bookcase.  Our state’s homeschool convention was at the end of July, and I still had a few curriculum decisions to finalize and order at that time.  So, I am still anxiously awaiting the arrival of a few books and other materials!  (But, because of the timing of the convention, I had already decided not to start when the local public schools did, last week.  Our first day will be August 30th!)


There is one part of the school room that is not (yet) in these pictures.  That is my desk…or, as it is more commonly known these days, the disaster area.  In reorganizing the bookcase that you see in these pictures, I had to relocate several  books to make room for our (coming) curriculum.   And, the relocated books are, sadly, still waiting for a home on and around my desk.  And, in all honesty, I am too embarrassed to show it to you in it’s current (very messy!) state…so, I will add that picture once things are a bit more presentable!!


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  1. You are so blessed. I love your schoolroom. I especially love all the space. Enjoy!

  2. what a great area!!!

  3. I love how nice and uncluttered your room looks. We also have a couch for our read alouds and it’s one of my favorite things about our room.

  4. What a nice room! That big, open floor looks like the perfect place to play or lay while reading a book.

  5. Oh I love that you get to have a whole room just for school!!! I would be in homeschool heaven with that space. So open and uncluttered. What a blessing! =)

  6. Wow, what a nice large, BRIGHT space! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love seeing pictures of homeschool rooms!!!! Our house is full of maps too. The boys are always running over and finding locations!!!

    via hhh

    p.s. I just noticed that you’re an AZ mommie. Me too! 🙂

  8. love the schoolroom!! am a tad jealous 🙂 we are moving soon, and i think we will have a “schoolroom” right off the kitchen, as long as i can get my hooks into it before my hubby does!!

    blessings on your day. i love your blog, and will be back 🙂 hopping over from the hip homeschool hop.

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