Giving Thanks

Count Your Blessings

“…What a rare thing is thankfulness….


We are more ready to pray than to praise,

and more disposed to ask God for what we have not, than to thank Him for what we have.

Murmurings, and complainings, and discontent abound on every side of us.
Few indeed are to be found who are not continually hiding their mercies under a bushel,
and setting their wants and trials on a hill.


These things ought not so to be.


But all who know the church and the world must confess that they are true.


The wide-spread thanklessness of Christians is the disgrace of our day.


It is plain proof of our little humility.”


~J.C. Ryle ~




Normally good health. (Something I often do not appreciate enough until it isn’t so good.)

Safe and effective medicine  – for the other times.


The gentle care and concern of a child.

Church family…who have become family.




God’s perfect timing.

The generosity of strangers.

Answered prayers.

Christmas decorations…even if they are minimal this year.



 Twinkling white lights.


Cinnamon-scented candles.

Christmas cookies – fresh from the oven.

Boxes of “winter” clothes pulled out…

…for my ever-growing child…

…filled with hand-me-downs from dear friends.

Christmas cards…

…and letters…

…with news from far-away friends and family.

Empty cardboard boxes…waiting to be filled….


‎“Blessings taken for granted are often forgotten.” ~Elisabeth Elliot



  1. I like your list! #67, especially, seems to have a lot behind it. Your quotes really touched me. Often I disdain an ungrateful attitude I see in one of my children, and then the Lord turns my eyes to see how I am that way with Him. It’s not easy to learn, “In everything give thanks.”

    1. Hannah – Yes, #67 does have a lot behind it. I will share a little more of the story in an upcoming post. But, the short version is that we have seen God’s sovereign hand go before us…in so many ways… What is that saying, “God is in the details”? And He has been…little things, maybe insignificant to others…but for us, they have been just one more testimony to His faithful care and provision for our little family! 🙂

  2. You have a lovely list of thanksgiving gifts for Father!
    many blessings in Him..Trish

  3. nice to meet another pastor’s wife homeschooling mom! enjoyed your list. I am so thankful for so many of those same things! visiting from the homeschool hop!

  4. Love this! Thanks for re-centering my prayer time this morning!

    Have a great ifellowship Wednesday!

  5. Fabulous list of gratitude! I try to take time each morning to find at least 3 things of which I am grateful. Today’s list…a warm house, strong coffee, my sweet babies. 🙂 Happy iFellowship!

  6. I too am thankful for a church family who have become family!

  7. @Lisa – I think I repeated that one from last week…I guess I’m just really, REALLY thankful for our church! 🙂

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