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Friday Favorites

Some recommended reading for your weekend:

  • Frank Turk’s Open Letter to Rob Bell on Pyromaniacs – Frank does a great job of pointing out the obvious, and addressing some of the glaring inconsistencies in Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins.
  • Not really reading, but still worth your time an attention: This Panel Discussion from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on…what else?! Rob Bell, and Love Wins.
  • If you have daughters, nieces, granddaughters that you enjoy finding gifts for… Or like my friend Lindsay, maybe you have sons and need a creative, girl-y outlet…Check out these posts on making your own ribbon-covered barrettes and a cute holder for your creations!  And, while you’re there, check out the rest of Lindsay’s blog…You’ll be encouraged.
  • Whether you are from the dating or the courtship side of the equation…even if your kids are young, and not yet of marriageable age…You need to check out Parenting Kids for Great Marriages, on See Jamie Blog.  Because, “…we need to be making parenting decisions based on God’s wisdom, rather than our notions of “I did it this way, and I turned out okay.”

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