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Recommended Reading

Since I am not writing…well…anything these days… I thought I would point you to a few who are…

I saw this article shared multiple times on Facebook this past week:

  • Alarmed and Saddened (an article from World Magazine): I am very thankful to see that the Susan G. Komen foundation has chosen to cut its funding of Planned Parenthood.  Although, I do wish their reasoning was different.  One of the saddest comments made in the article (not surprisingly by the president of Planned Parenthood): “It’s hard to understand how an organization with whom we share a mission of saving women’s lives could have bowed to this kind of bullying.” Did you catch that? “…a mission of saving women’s lives”  Hmmm…seems to me that if an organization were truly invested in saving the lives of women, they wouldn’t be killing them before they were born!
{Updated to add…} The above article now seems to belong in the too good to be true category…
  • Komen Caves Under Pressure: Because I shared the above link, I feel it necessary to link to this article as well. The Susan G. Komen foundation has agreed to reinstate funding to Planned Parenthood. Sad…but sadder still, not surprising.

An interesting question to ponder – Who is the author of Hebrews? Although the author is not identified in the book itself, here are some thoughts to consider from one of my favorite college professors, Dr. Will Varner:

  • Jude the Author of Hebrews, by Dr. Will Varner: Could the book of Hebrews have been written by Jude?
  • Pauline Authorship of Hebrews?, by Dr. Will Varner: “…there are some Christians (and some teachers who should know better) who argue for the Pauline authorship of Hebrews with such zeal that you might conclude that it is a doctrine of the Faith!”
One for my fellow homeschooling moms:
  • 10 Essential Supplies for Homeschooling Boys, by Jennifer Fink at The Homeschool Classroom: I am not homeschooling a boy yet, but I soon will be!! And, since my life as a mom (and before) has pretty much only known “sugar and spice,” I think I am going to file this one away for future reference.

A youth pastor, Grace Community Church, Voddie Baucham, the Family Integrated Church, and the Shepherds’ Conference…

  • Voddie Baucham and Shepherds’ Conference, by Austin Duncan at The Cripplegate: I have a rather warped sense of humor.  So, I found the fact that Voddie Baucham showed up at Austin Duncan’s Shepherds’ Conference seminar last year (a seminar that centered around critiquing Voddie Baucham’s book, and the Family Integrated Church model as a whole) hysterically funny!  Apparently, not everyone shares my sense of humor, and Voddie’s inclusion as one of this year’s keynote speakers has been a matter of concern and frustration for some. For the record, I listened to Austin Duncan’s seminar from last year, and while I see some of his points, he failed to convince me.  Which is, in part, why I appreciate his gracious words, and his encouragement to his fellow Shepherds’ Conference attendees in this post.  Because, “…if a pastor is unable to give a coherent explanation for why he believes in youth ministry, then he has bigger problems than who is in the speaking line up.”

And, on the topic of the Elephant in the Room (also known as The Elephant Room 2). If you haven’t heard about this yet, these posts may be of no interest to you… However, considering the far-reaching implications of what went on, it might be wise to read up on the events of the .

  • After the Circus Parade, by Frank Turk on Pyromaniacs: “Someone needs to check the date for Mark Driscoll’s shelf life as a reliable person.”
  • The Elephant in the Room, by Voddie Baucham: I will admit to being (more than a little) concerned when I learned that Voddie Baucham still intended to speak at Harvest Bible Chapel’s Men’s Conference…given the events of the week preceding it.  However, I applaud his candid responses to those who questioned this choice, his clear disagreement with T.D. Jakes’ continued (and unchallenged) affirmation of modalism,  his ultimate decision (made in agreement with James MacDonald) not to go forward with this speaking engagement, and his explanation of everything (including the “race card”) in this post.
  • Elephantiasis, by Phil Johnson on Pyromaniacs (Otherwise known as “James MacDonald Plays the Race Card”): Piggy-backing nicely off of what Voddie Baucham says in the above link…”The take-away message is this: If you’re an old white guy with any hint of Reformed theology in your confessional statement and you don’t think T. D. Jakes’s equivocations at Elephant Room 2 were sufficient to erase decades of concern about his Oneness leanings and his relentless proclamation of a false Prosperity Gospel—then you must be a racist.”

And, what could be better than playing the race card? It is, after all, the ultimate trump card… Or is it?

  • Even Better than the Race Card {tm}, by Dan Phillips on Biblical Christianity: Dan addresses another, even more egregious claim…and one I’ve seen played far. too. often. - “The ‘God Told Me’ Card.”  This – not race – is the ultimate “get out of jail free” card. You can’t judge. You can’t criticize. You can’t disagree.  Why? Because you are no longer questioning a mere, sinful, mortal.  You are, it would appear, disagreeing with the very voice of God… Or so they would like you to believe…


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