Mommyhood, Titus Ryle

1 Month Old

1 Month

At one month old, our little guy is quickly growing into a not-so-little guy!
As of his 1-month check-up:
weight: 10 lbs 14 ozs (75th percentile)
height: 21 3/4 inches  (50th percentile)

Obviously, he likes to eat…frequently. He is still eating about every hour…which is exhausting. But, even so, I still prefer the constant feedings and sleepless nights with this little one over a good night’s sleep without him!!

Let's Roll!

Another 1 month milestone to celebrate: Titus rolled over from his tummy to his back! Yes, for real! We put him down for some “tummy time,” and he managed to flip himself over!  I figured it was just a fluke…so the next morning I tried again…and guess what he did! Yup. He flipped himself over to his back again!  Crazy boy.

Our sweet, smiley boy has already brought so much joy to our family in the one month he has been with us. It is hard to remember what life was like before him…not that we want to! We are loving life as a family of four!!