Weekly Wrap-Up: Baby Break

In my life this week… It has been a while since I have done a weekly homeschool report… Thankfully it hasn’t been quite that long since we’ve actually accomplished something even remotely academic, but it kind of feels that way.  The last 6 weeks have been lost in the wonderful, sleep-deprived fog of having a new baby in the house!

In our homeschool this week… Oh, you hear those crickets too? Since Titus was due at the beginning of February, we didn’t take much time off at Christmas, in order to take the whole month of February off to just enjoy our new little son/brother. My original plan was to start back to school this week.  (Well, actually my original original plan was to start back during the first full week of March, but, Grandma came to visit instead, so that didn’t happen.)  But, while my original plans did factor in a newborn…they did not factor in a newborn with a tongue-tie, reflux, and nursing problems, which necessitated round-the-clock feedings, every hour, on the hour!  Making us all a bit sleep-deprived (some more than others!), and capable of functioning on only the most basic levels.  But, after (several) doctors visits, I am hopeful that we are finally making some significant progress with some of these issues, and maybe even moving toward a more functional schedule.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Most, if not all, of our outings in recent weeks have been to some form of medical professional: The pediatrician, the OB, the lactation consultant, the ENT, the midwife, the pediatrician again… And so on. One doctor laughed when I told her we were on a field trip.

My favorite thing this week was… Oh, so many things to choose from… My son finally being able to nurse properly…and going more than 1 hour between feedings…and sleeping from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. (that’s 5 whole hours, people!)… And, maybe at the top of the list – watching my kids “play” together.

Things I’m working on… This weekend is dedicated to reworking our lesson plans for the rest of the school year…because we are starting school up again next week! Partly because I need some semblance of order and routine in my day (and so does Hannah), and partly because I don’t want our last day of 1st grade to end a mere 24 hours before 2nd grade begins!

I’m grateful for… Our church family…we have been so blessed and overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity over the past few months!  Before Titus arrived, they threw an amazing shower for us, equipping us with everything we could possibly need (or want!) for our little guy!  Then, for weeks after he arrived, they delivered wonderful meals to our family so I wouldn’t have to worry about cooking!  I’m sure my family was disappointed when I finally took over the menu-planning and cooking duties again.

I’m praying for… Dear friends who have recently lost loved ones… Parents who have had to bury their children, and children (though grown) who have had to bury their parents. Thankful that even in their sadness, they “do not grieve as others do who have no hope,” but can look forward to a joyous reunion one day.

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Brother & Sister

I just love watching these two interact. And, I love how they seem to genuinely enjoy each other. Yes, already.


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  1. Margaret

    Good grief! I salute you for doing feedings 24 hours round the clock- that’s brutal! SO glad you were able to get his tongue issues fixed! And that is an adorable picture…. I’m sure Hannah is loving being a big sister. 🙂

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