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2 Months Old

Our sweet boy is 2 months old! Already!

This boy is my little snuggle-bug. He loves to be held! On the rare occasion that he isn’t in someone’s arms, he likes to have a blanket or stuffed animal to hug!

He can be very intense and serious one moment, and silly with a huge, toothless grin the next.

And, he likes to move…constantly.

Titus at 2 Months

Seemingly overnight, he has turned into a super sleeper! (Yay for Prevacid and a full tummy!)

2-Month Milestone: On March 24th, he  slept through the night (6 hours!) for the first time! He then followed that up on the night of April 2nd, with a 9 hour stretch. Nine. So far, that was a one-time event, but a welcome one, for this sleep-deprived mommy. Now, he consistently sleeps for at least 6 hours each night, and takes a 3-hour nap each afternoon!

We are so thankful for another month with our boy!!

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