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Titus Ryle: 8 Months Old

Our boy is 8 months old!!

He has 4 teeth…which have all appeared over the past month.
A random little fun fact: His teeth have all come in the exact reverse order in which his sister has lost them! (Okay, so maybe I am the only one who finds that interesting.)

He said “Dada!” That is pretty much his “word” for everything right now, but, of course, we think it sounds different when it means “Daddy.” We have also been using some simple signs that we taught Hannah, and he is catching on! So far, “all done” and “more” are the ones he uses most…usually in relation to food. 😉 We are still working “please” and “thank you.”

He still loves to move…constantly. But, thankfully, he is not crawling…yet. He is trying, but, he hasn’t quite figured out how it all works. And, that is okay with me! I am thankful to have a few more days (minutes?) to figure out how in the world I am going to keep up with him once he is independently mobile!

For now, this seems to be his favorite activity:

You would think all that exercise would mean that we are all getting a good night’s sleep around here. Well, you would be wrong.
According to his doctor, he is technically sleeping through the night…but, I’m not exactly sure that “through the night” means the same thing to him as it does to me. 😉 We are still up a few times (or more!) each night…Especially when new teeth are about to make an appearance!!

But, you know…as much as I am looking forward to a full night of sleep again…someday…

I wouldn’t give up moments like this for anything!!