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Marriage for the Long Run

Our church held it’s first (annual?) Marriage Conference this month!

We had the privilege of having John and Janie Street come and teach on “Marriage for the Long Run.”

Dr. Street was our Professor and Pastor through most of our college and seminary years.
He was also the pastor that performed our wedding, and did our pre-marital counseling.

(This picture is from 2 years ago…when the Streets came to do a marriage conference at our church in Arizona!)

So, we have personally benefited from their teaching, their example, and their friendship over the years, and we were so excited to have them share their wisdom with our church family!

Dr. Street taught 2 sessions on Friday night, 4 sessions on Saturday, and preached on Sunday!
(And he does all this without coffee!? I am both amazed and confused by that one.)

The men and women split up for one of the sessions on Saturday afternoon. Dr. Street did a time of Questions and Answers with the men, while the ladies were blessed by Janie’s teaching.

After the conference, a few couples from church enjoyed fellowshipping with the Streets over some “real Texas BBQ.”

Please forgive the lack of pictures…and the rather poor quality of the few that there are…
This is how/where I spent most of the conference:

In the foyer with my boy…I am very thankful for the technology that allowed me to still see/hear what was going on!!


The messages from the conference’s main sessions are available online here. Janie’s message to the ladies is also available!
I would encourage you to check them out!

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  1. I’ll definitely check them out! I LOVE Dr. Street! I haven’t thought about him in ages! I just bought Dr. Scott’s new book on parenting. Haven’t read it yet, but I’m longing to. What fun to see pictures. Thanks for passing on the links!

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