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Baby Bump: 20 Weeks

I know they say that time flies when you’re having fun…but this is a little ridiculous! I can hardly believe that we are already at the halfway point in this pregnancy. That just doesn’t seem possible! And, yet…here we are.

Truth is, I am having fun.

Hannah and Titus manage to keep me busy during the day. Even though school all over the country are letting out soon, class is still very much in session around here! We have to make up for lost time! But, our third grade curriculum just arrived, and I think Hannah is as anxious as I am to dive in! (We’ll be starting “next year” a little early – like in July – to allow for time off when our girl arrives.) Titus is an active little guy…exploring, learning, and growing a little bit more each day.

And, this little one seems to be a bit of a night owl, and wakes up just as I’m ready to go to bed for the night. But, I love feeling the little kicks and flutters, so I don’t mind a bit! She must keep it up all night long, because I wake up feeling as though I have done hundreds of sit-ups… Which (obviously) is not the case!

It is an interesting stage of life we’re in…an almost-3rd-grader, a 1-year-old, and a baby on the way. Not quite what I had imagined my family would look like, once upon a time… But, now, I can’t imagine anything better! I am so very thankful for each one.

And, here is the updated “baby bump” picture, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing:
Baby Bump: 20 Weeks (It's a Girl!)



  1. We too will be starting the next school year in July… and for the same reason. Our 5th is due around Thanksgiving and should we loose ground toward the end or in those first weeks with the new baby, I don’t want to be worried about it. I have big plans (however unplanned they may be) for a “first day of the new year” fun day on July 1st… but we’ll see. We’re slated to move somewhere between June 28th and July 10th. Ha! Just the idea of schooling in July seems a little ludicrous, but we’re going to do what we can, with or without the “official” first day stuff. 🙂

    Yey for 20 weeks!

    1. Babychaser,
      I am planning a little “first day of school” fun too…even if it will come less than a week after the “last day of school.” 🙂 It does seem a bit odd to be doing school in July, but honestly, it is SO hot and humid here, that I don’t really want to go outside anyway…and especially not being 7-8 months pregnant! 🙂 Right now, I’m just grabbing every free moment to go through our new curriculum, and plan out our year. 🙂

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