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Google Reader disappeared yesterday. So, if you have been following this – or any - blog on Google Reader, you may be in need of a new way to keep connected.

While you could always just check in every now and then, I think a reader is a much easier, and efficient, way to keep up with your favorite blogs.

Back in March, I mentioned that I had discovered a new blog reader: Bloglovin’. Well, I have been using it for a few months now, and, I think I might actually like it better than Google Reader! Yes, really!

One of the features I like the most is that you can see the post on the blog itself. While I appreciate the efficiency of using a reader, I miss visiting the actual blog. Many bloggers work hard on the look and design of their site, and I think it adds to the content. Plus, it gives you a glimpse into their style and personality through what they have chosen to include – colors, pictures, layout… So, I really appreciate that this reader keeps the blogger’s unique and individual look with each post. But, my favorite thing about Bloglovin’ is that it lets you comment on the post…through the reader!! I found, when I was using Google Reader, that I rarely commented. I always intended to. But, it hardly ever happened.

And, I miss the days when I got to know other bloggers as we commented on each other’s posts. So, if you are still following this blog (such as it is), leave a comment! I really do read every comment. And I am trying to be better about responding to them too!

Dell,  of PrairieFrog Blog (one of the very first blogs I discovered, and still one of my favorites!), has this cute graphic on her site:
Keep Me Delusional

I think that sums it up pretty well. :) But, seriously, if you’re reading, I’d love to know.

Other ways to connect:

Facebook: I try to keep my page updated when I post here, so you could “like” my blog there and stay connected that way. (I post other things on Facebook – quotes, pictures, interesting links, or quick updates – that I don’t always post here. So even if you do follow in a reader, you may still want to consider following on Facebook as well.)

Instagram: My account is private, but you can always ask to follow. I’ll probably say yes. 😉 I mainly post pictures of my kids. (And, be sure to let me know if you are on Instagram! I’d love to follow you as well! I’ve always loved looking through photo albums, so I think this is a fun way to connect, and keep up with people.)

Pinterest: Yes, I do have an account…but I don’t do too much with it. (Are you shocked?) Occasionally, when I can’t sleep, I’ll poke around and see what new decorating ideas, cleaning supplies, or recipes everyone says I just can’t live without. I have tried a few recipes, that really did turn out to be keepers. And, I’ve pinned a few fun hairstyles for my girl(s!), that we’ve tried and had good success with. I’m just not a creative, crafty person, so when I do “pin” something, I try to keep it pretty practical…homeschooling, modesty, recipes, cleaning or organizing techniques.


  1. Margaret

    I read your blog. 🙂 It’s fun to hear what you all are up to! I switched to Feedly and I like it a lot, although I’m envious now of the commenting and viewing options you mention about Bloglovin. And alas, no Instagram for me, because our phones are the most basic of basic models. Sigh. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well with being pregnant in the hot Texas summer!

    1. Margaret, Everyone was suggesting Feedly, but when I tried it, it wouldn’t play nice with my computer (Windows 8 ). 🙁 So, this was my alternative…and so far it’s been a good one. 🙂 And, yeah, we only *just* joined the smartphone world…oddly, it was cheaper to do so than to stick with our old basic phones! (The people at the store actually laughed at us when they saw our old phones.)

  2. JoleneSloan

    I’m a reader! Although I read blogs one way that most people don’t seem to…. through my inbox via e-mail subscriptions. I know it would kill most people to have their inboxes pile up like mine does, but…. since I don’t like a full inbox like anyone else, it is my inspiration to stay on top of reading the blogs I love!

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