Our {Home} Schoolroom

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I’m sure my husband feels like he is living this cartoon!!

We do school in what would be considered the “dining area” in most homes. But, for the most part, it works. It is part of the main living area, so I can easily alternate between teaching and helping Hannah while still keeping an eye on Titus. Or, I can play with Titus, but still be available to check Hannah’s work, or answer questions.

You will probably recognize our schoolroom set-up from years’ past.

I did make one major change…my desk moved across the room, back to the school area. Titus is a bit more mobile this year (that would be a big understatement!), and the cords, buttons, and lights were a little too much of a temptation for my curious boy. Plus, towards the end of “last year” I began to notice that I needed easier access to my computer and printer…to print worksheets, tests, timelines, or to pull up a visual aid to go along with a lesson. This has been working out much better!