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Happy 4th Birthday, Titus!


My boy is 4!

You have changed so much this year. You have gone from a toddler to a real “big kid” now. (Pull-Ups’ reference intended.)

You have introduced me to superheroes and monster trucks…and the incredible array of noises and heart-stopping crashes that go with them. The things I never thought I would be interested in… Somehow, I find them fascinating now.

You amaze me with your enthusiasm for school each day, and your hard work and concentration has really surprised me. You could practice writing your letters for hours…and, on occasion, have done just that! Our reading time together is one of my favorites. You have been begging me to teach you how to read for months, because you want to read your Bible…all by yourself! And, you are working so hard. I love to see your face light up as you sound out a word – all by yourself.

As much as you love to run around outside, and get dirty, and make noise, you can also be a perfect little gentleman.  Ever since Christmas, you have wanted to wear a tie to church! And, while I know this phase won’t last forever, I am greatly enjoying it while it does. (Who said boy clothes aren’t as fun as girl clothes?!) I love that you want to dress just like your daddy and “Boppy.” They are great examples for you to follow…in so many ways!

You have a special role in our family as little brother to one, and big brother to two. I know I’m supposed to discourage it, but I can’t help but smile when you intentionally bug and annoy your sisters. Maybe it would bother me more if I didn’t just see how much you love them. You are their best buddy and protector. You entertain Rachel, and love to make her smile and laugh with your goofy faces and silly noises. Things I would think terrifying are absolutely hilarious to her!

You are the sweetest little boy ever. I might be just a little bit biased, but, I’m allowed to be. Thank you for looking up from your play to tell me, “Mommy, I just love you.”


I love you too, Buddy. And, I am so thankful for you. Happy Birthday!