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Happy 1st Birthday, Rachel!



I can hardly believe it has been a whole year since you joined our family.

At times, it’s odd. You remind me so much of your oldest sister…the way you look, your favorite foods, your easy-going personality, and even your utter hatred for diaper changes! (But, being like Hannah isn’t a bad thing. Not at all. I am so thankful that you have such a wonderful big sister to look up to as you grow!)

But, you are definitely your own unique little person, and once again, you were exactly the right addition to our family!

It has been such fun to watch you learn, and grow, and change this year.

I truly think you must be the happiest baby. Ever. You smile all the time! You even wake up happy (most of the time).

You don’t have huge vocabulary yet, but you can say and sign a few words: kitty, Hannah, woof, uh-oh, more (sign), all done (sign), and thank you (sign). We are working on signing please, but you’re a messy little eater, so I may let that one slide until you can vocalize it.

Of course, I love hearing you say “Mama,” and the excited way that you squeal “Dada!” when he gets home in the afternoons. You completely surprised me one night a few weeks ago when I told you, “Say night-night to Rebekah.” And, you waved and said “Nigh-nigh!” I think I just stood there and stared at you in disbelief. I guess I didn’t think you could do it! Silly mommy. But, I think my favorite is when I say, “Rachel, I love you!” And, you mumble something that has 3 distinct syllables in response. I like to pretend you are saying “I love you” back. The fact that you always follow it with a sweet kiss helps.

You love going outside. As soon as daddy gets home from work, you start pointing wildly at the door…your way of asking for him to take you out. You love crawling around in the grass, looking at the leaves, playing in the dirt, walking up and down the sidewalk (usually barefoot, because you hate shoes), and riding in your stroller to the mailbox.

It’s a good thing you also like bathtime! Once upon a time, they calmed you down. Now, it is just an extended, wet playtime. You love standing up, laying down, pouring water (and even attempting to drink it from time to time!)…and splashing!! I think by the end of it, I am as wet as you are!

I think I can say you are officially a toddler! You have been taking a few shaky steps for a little while. But, you would always resort to crawling if you fell down. Just the other day, I watched you fall down…but instead of crawling, you got up and kept walking! And, you’ve been doing it ever since.

You’ve got to keep up with your siblings!!

You love playing with your big brother and sisters. And, as long as you aren’t trying to eat their Legos, or tear up special books, they are just as delighted to have you. I love hearing the four of you play and laugh together! It is one of my favorite sounds in the entire world.

You have definitely been the star sleeper of the family! I wasn’t quite sure what to do with you as newborn, when you seemed perfectly content for me to lay you down, and let you sleep. Within your first week, you were sleeping for 4-hour stretches at night…that only got longer as time went on. I honestly didn’t know babies could do that! There have been a few sleepless nights, but most (if not all) have been directly related to teething or illnesses. So, I really can’t fault you for that.

I guess we rewarded your sleeping superpowers by picking your loudest sibling to be your roommate. (Sorry.) But, you should come out of it able to sleep through anything! And, maybe someday Rebekah will learn how to whisper. Maybe. But, you really don’t seem too bothered. And, I think you kind of enjoy having the company when you wake up! I love to hear you two talk and giggle together when you wake up in the afternoons… Now, if only you didn’t feel the need to wake each other up…

With 3 older siblings who are quite a bit more talkative and active than you are, it can be challenging to get mommy’s undivided attention. So, I think it is the cutest thing when you tilt your head around to look at my face with your silly grin, just to make sure I can still see you. Oh, I’m watching, baby girl. Don’t you worry. I’m watching.

I pray each day that the Lord would draw you to Himself. And, that someday, your joy and contentment would come from knowing Him. I am so thankful that the Lord gave you us one year ago. It is a privilege and a joy to be your mommy.

Happy 1st Birthday, Rachel Susannah!