Hannah Elisabeth, Traditions & Celebrations

Party Time!

Here are a few pictures from Hannah’s birthday parties.
April 4th was Hannah’s first birthday. We celebrated with a small, family party – Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie Jo came over for dinner, presents, and cupcakes. We had Hannah’s favorite – macaroni and cheese…this was the real, homemade kind – not the boxed, fluorescent orange variety. (I’ve suddenly developed an aversion to feeding my child food that looks as though it could glow in the dark….)


Auntie Jo got Hannah ducks – some of them even light up!

This is Hannah’s new baby! (Hannah has seen a few “Cabbage Patch Kids” commercials in the last few days, and always points to the screen and says “Baby!”)

Birthday Cake – she was more interested in trying to touch the flame than blowing out the candle…

Yummy!! Hannah’s first experience with cake.

On Saturday, April 8th, we had a duck-themed birthday party with some of our friends from church. Great-grandma Niecie was even able to come! Mommy made duck invitations, and we had duck cups, plates, and napkins…The cupcakes were complete with yellow frosting, duck baking cups, and duck candy decorations!! Even Hannah got in on it, looking absolutely adorable in her matching ducky dress!

The Birthday Girl playing with her new phone – a present from Grandma Niecie

Grandma and Great-Grandma Niecie

Kate Stimson

Phil and Daniel Jo

Hannah enjoying her cupcake with Grandma