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Hannah’s 10th Birthday

Hannah's 10th Birthday

Hannah is quite the little party planner! {And, as an afterthought, I may have made a mistake introducing my artsy-crafty girl to the world of Pinterest.} She had the decorations, guest list, food, cake, and activities planned for months! Actually, her organization and detailed lists, along with Grandma’s help, were the only reason we were even able to pull off a party less than 2 weeks after adding a new baby to our family!


The theme was “Frozen.”




The menu:IMG_2482wmSouthwest Pinwheels
Carrots, Celery, and Pita Chips with Hummus
Strawberries, Grapes, and Blackberries
Snowcaps Candy
Cinnamon-Sugar Snowflakes
IMG_2485wmAnd, of course…
“Melted Snow” (Water)


{The Snowflake and “Happy Birthday” banners, and the water bottle labels were another Pinterest find.}

And, as always, Hannah had very specific ideas about her cake…or her cupcakes.
Chocolate, with vanilla (white) frosting…and snowflake decorations!
She and Grandma baked and decorated them together.

20150403_114129Licking the spoon is the best part.
And, like the sweet big sister that she is,
Hannah shared this privilege with her little sister.



The actual party was a bit more low-key than Hannah’s original plans.
But, everyone seemed to have a good time.

We invited several girls from church…

The girls had fun making paper snowflakes. (Yes, in Texas. In April.)


And, then they talked and giggled some more as they enjoyed the snacks.



Hannah has very sweet friends, and received some very thoughtful gifts…


A beautiful purse, books, and several craft projects!IMG_2503wm

Then, it was time for cupcakes and ice cream!



After our friends headed home, we continued the celebration with dinner, and gifts from the family…books about horses, doll clothes, more books (about more horses!), and a t-shirt and flip flops with horses on them! That theme was unintentional…but very appropriate for our horse-lover.




We are so glad Grandma & Grandpa could be here to celebrate with us.IMG_2541wm

It was such a fun time of celebrating our firstborn!!


Happy 10th Birthday, Hannah!!

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First Day of {Home}School

I have spent the last several weeks planning and praying over our new school year, and this morning, we hit the ground running. My original plan had been to start last week, but, as we were still waiting on a number of books to arrive (thus rendering my yearly lesson plans woefully incomplete), we decided to put it off a week.



We made some big changes to our curriculum this year. We have been using a traditional textbook format for the past few years, from BJU Press. The material is great, and has been exactly what we needed as our family grew (unexpectedly!) over the past few years. And, I have had no complaints about it.

But, it has always been my hope to go back to a classical approach…someday. And, as I began to assess Hannah’s abilities, and needs, as well as mapping out the next…well, 18-20 years of homeschooling (yikes!), I realized that textbooks probably weren’t going to be the best approach with 4 students at vastly different developmental, emotional, and academic levels. And, because of those differing academic levels, I wanted something that they could still do together. Enter our return to Tapestry of Grace! I fell in love with this curriculum before Hannah could walk! And, as our family’s dynamics and needs have changed over the past few years, it is now a perfect fit, and I couldn’t be more excited!

So, this year, our style is what I have termed “classically eclectic.” Tapestry of Grace will be our “spine” for History, Literature (Reading), some Bible, and some writing. We are still using BJU Press to fill in Math, and Language Arts (Spelling, Handwriting, and English). We will be using Apologia’s Worldview series to fill in a little extra Bible. But, I think Hannah is most excited about our new science curriculum. My little wannabe zoologist was thrilled to learn that there was actually a Zoology curriculum, written from a literal, 6-day creation perspective! We are using Aplogia’s Zoology, and learning about the Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. I think Hannah may have read the entire textbook the day I brought it home from the homeschool convention!

The other big change we made was adding another student to the mix! Yes, Titus has officially started “Titus School,” as he calls it. One morning as I was working on Hannah’s lesson plans, Titus asked, “Mommy, I do school too?” Well, how could I resist!? I wasn’t really planning on doing much formal school with him until next year, but he was so excited. I don’t want to push him too hard, or too fast, so we are going to try to keep it simple, and low key…we’ll be covering a letter/sound each week, plus numbers, colors, and shapes…as well as lots of time for puzzles, coloring, and Legos!

So, here are my students, ready for a new school year:

1st Day of School

1st Day of School 2014 ~ Hannah: 4th Grade, Titus: Pre-School


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Houston Children’s Museum

Houston Children's Museum

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Flowers and Friends


3 moms, 3 double strollers, and 8 kids.

We spent the day at the Arboretum…just strolling around, enjoying the beautiful weather, the lovely flowers, and our friends. Titus didn’t quite understand that he wasn’t supposed to pick the flowers…and I ended up with a few sweet (but forbidden) bouquets.

We finished up with a picnic and some playtime at the park before heading home. I think everyone in my car was asleep before we made it back to the main road!

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This Girl.

My little ones have been getting most of the “face time” here on the blog recently.
They change faster.
Their milestones come closer together. (First smiles, first steps, first words…etc.)
And, they have been amazing, unexpected blessings.

But, so is this one:


My big girl. Who seems to be growing up oh-so-quickly!

She just turned 9. Nine. That sounds so old.

I don’t know what I would do without her. Sometimes she frustrates me with her dreamy, head-in-the-clouds forgetfulness. But, it is that same creativity that spins amazing tales for her little brother. With a few props, she can turn the living room into a forest wonderland as she leads him in a berry-picking expedition around the fireplace.

She makes me smile with her silliness. Her smile, and enthusiasm for whatever she is doing is absolutely contagious.

She is my helper. She is so eager to jump in and help with whatever I need…and she does it joyfully (most of the time). Emptying the dishwasher. Picking up messes – that she didn’t make! Helping get lunch ready.

She is the best big sister. And, can often be found playing with her little brother…keeping him entertained and out of trouble! She even lets him play in her room…an extra-special treat for him, as it is full of tiny little things that he usually isn’t allowed to touch! When Rebekah doesn’t need to be with me, or when Titus needs my undivided attention…her arms are ready and willing!

One night, I was hit with a nasty migraine. My head was throbbing…my vision was blurry…and my patience was thin…and Daddy was gone for the evening. Hannah begged to hold Rebekah while I got Titus ready for bed…which was helpful enough. But, when I came back into the living room and Titus crawled up on to the couch with them for his usual pre-bedtime stories, Hannah grabbed a book, and started reading to both of them, pausing just long enough to tell me, “Mom, you just sit down and rest for a few minutes. I can read to them.”

My first baby girl is growing up. And, while I love watching the little lady she is becoming, could we slow the time down…maybe just a little bit?

Happy Birthday, my sweet Hannah girl!!

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