Hannah Elisabeth

15 (and a half) Month Update




Hannah had her 15-month “well-baby” check up this morning. The appointment was at 9:00, in Glendale. We left at 8:10 (which should have been plenty of time), and arrived at the doctor’s office at 9:30….Yeah, you do the math on that one. I think we were both a little cranky after being in the car for so long. But, Hannah did great. She waited patiently in the waiting room. She had fun climbing on and off her chair, getting books from the bookshelf, and bringing them to me to read, and generally being her cute self and making friends with everyone else in the room.

When we were called back, the nurse weighed her, checked her height, and measured her head. She gained less than 1 pound since her last appointment. But, she now weighs 20 pounds, 2 ounces (just barely breaking the 20 pound mark!). That puts her just at the 20th percentile in weight. The doctor said he wasn’t worried, yet, but he did give me several suggestions on what to feed her to help her get a few more calories…I don’t know how that is possible, because this girl can eat! He suggested we try giving her cheesecake…I think he was joking…

She is still growing, but not quite as much as I thought. I was expecting to see a good 2 inch jump from last time, just based on how some of her pants have been fitting recently. (It’s a good thing capris are in style!) But, she had only grown 1 inch in the last 3 months! So, she is 31 inches long now.

The doctor was still a little concerned about her blood test from a few months ago. The results came back that she was slightly anemic, and he wants to keep an eye on it, so she needs to be re-tested again, later this month. But, being that I have always been anemic, I’m not too worried – even if the iron levels don’t come up much. He was pleasantly surprised by her verbal ability, and she “performed” for him, pointing to her eyes, ears, and nose for him when he asked, and proudly showing off her belly-button, but the cooperation ended there! What is usually the “easy” part of the check-up (before the shots) already had her sobbing hysterically. I finally got her smiling again just as the nurse came in with the shots…all 3 of them! More tears! But, she settled down quickly, saying, “All done! All done!” Yes, it was all done (for another few months anyway – but we aren’t telling her about that one quite yet), and she was quite happy about that fact! She even smiled and waved to her doctor as we left.

All in all, we were thankful that she got yet another good report. She is a healthy, active, growing little girl! We praise the Lord for this, “for in Him we live and move and exist…” (Acts 17:28).