Life in Ministry

Returning Hearts

Several of our friends and family are taking part in Awana’s Returning Hearts Celebration at a local prison today (Friday).  

Returning Hearts Celebration is an annual event on the prison grounds that unites children and their inmate fathers for an unforgettable day of games, food, relationship building and Bible teaching. For one day each year, fathers have the opportunity to teach their kids about the Savior who offers freedom from sin and the cycle of crime and can be real dads to their children without a wall to separate them.

Please be praying for all those involved in this ministry today, and especially for the children, the fathers, and the wives/moms/guardians who will be impacted by this ministry.

This is a short (positive!) news clip covering last year’s Returning Hearts Celebration at Angola Prision in Louisiana:
(You will need to stop the music player at the right to hear the clip.)


(If you cannot view the video click here.)