Thinking Biblically

One Vote


“I am not beholden to the Republican Party, nor am I on a McCain bandwagon. …I’m not voting for Republicanism or McCain, I’m voting for generations of innocent children. I’m not speaking up for McCain; I’m speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8-9). Other special interest groups speak up for themselves—we are the only voice for God’s unborn children.

Yes, I’d rather help elect the candidate I voted for in the primaries. But now there’s only one candidate who by his judicial appointments could help save millions of babies over the next decades, long after he’s out of office. Like it or not, that’s John McCain.…

May God have mercy on us. And may we, in our hearts and actions—including our votes—have mercy on the smallest and weakest of God’s precious children.”
~Randy Alcorn (Read his whole post here.)