Hannah Elisabeth, Traditions & Celebrations


I have not seen Disney’s new TinkerBell movie.  But, I have seen Peter Pan, and I am not a fan of TinkerBell.  I always thought she had a bad attitude (not to mention the skimpy costume).  So, I was a little perturbed when my sweet girl decided (months ago!) that she wanted to be TinkerBell this year… 

I tried – unsuccessfully – to steer her toward several other possibilities…specifically costumes that we already had on hand.  I really thought I was getting somewhere with the whole Sleeping Beauty idea (her current favorite movie).  But, no.  Her little mind was made up!

Once I finally realized that Hannah’s only knowledge of TinkerBell came from the very beginning of any Disney movie, when TinkerBell flits in and lights up the castle/logo, I began to warm up to the idea.  What little girl doesn’t like sparkles and fairies?!  I know that her costume choice in no way reflects a desire to emulate Tink’s bad attitude.  So, I gave in (and modified the costume a bit to keep it modest…and warm).  And, even I have to admit, she makes a pretty cute TinkerBell: