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Conversations With Hannah

One night at dinner:
Mommy: “Hannah, please take smaller bites.”

Hannah: “But I have a big mouth.  See?” (And she then proceeds to open her mouth as wide as possible as though proving her point.)



As we are all sitting around the living room one evening,

Hannah asks Grandma,“Why do birds fly in the winter?”
Grandma’s answer was something about the weather getting cold, and the birds looking for someplace warmer.

“No, Grandma.  Because it’s too far to walk!”
(We all cracked up, not because it was especially funny, but because we had no idea she even knew what a joke was, let alone how to tell one!)


She loves to sing, and is always singing something…often a song she has made up.  But, as I was doing her hair the other day I caught her singing snippets of this song:

“…(unintelligible humming) in the Lord Baby Jesus Christ, crucified to rescue us!”


Since moving to Arizona, we have the following conversation multiple times on every car ride:
Hannah: “Look! A cactus!  Can I touch it?”

Mommy: “No, it could hurt you if you touch it.  It has needles on it that will poke you.  You can look, but don’t touch.”

H: “Oh. Okay.”

H: “Look, mommy, another cactus!  Can I touch it?”

(And, this pretty much continues until either, we reach our destination, or something else momentarily captures her attention.)


Also since moving to Arizona:
We now live near cows.  I’m not sure if they are dairy farms, or just lots of cows, but they are there…and, at certain times of the day, you can smell them.  (Kind of a new thing for these “city girls!”)  So, one afternoon as we walked out to the car, Hannah starts sniffing, and wrinkled her nose at the smell…

Hannah: “Do you smell that mommy?”
Mommy: “Yes, it’s the cows.”
Hannah: “Yeah, it smells like they’re making milk!”