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12 Years

This was us 12 years ago… “We start out believing we know love so well But through the years we find True love is a story only time can tell And God has made this lifetime yours and mine…” (Steven Curtis … Continue reading

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Status Update: July

Sitting…in my bedroom. Time to relax. Drinking….water. Lots of water these days. It’s hot here. Working on…a new directory for our church! The old one is a couple of years old, and we have new families, new marriages, and new … Continue reading


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Happy Birthday!

We had a quiet, low key celebration for Daddy’s birthday! Poor guy, we made him cook his own dinner!! But, given the menu, I think he probably preferred it that way…we all did! On the menu: grilled steaks (and, hot … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Visit

We enjoyed having Grandma here for a week! It had been a year (almost exactly!) since she was here last. So, we made up for lost time… She read stories, and played Legos. We went to the mall, and rode the merry-go-round. We … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Our  Father’s Day: We had a quiet little celebration – after church, and before naptime. We gave Daddy a fan for the garage… I know. It doesn’t sound too exciting. But, he has been working so hard to move boxes around, and … Continue reading

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