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12 Years

This was us 12 years ago…

Wedding Day

“We start out believing we know love so well
But through the years we find
True love is a story only time can tell
And God has made this lifetime yours and mine…”
Steven Curtis Chapman, Love And Lean)

Family 2012

And, here we are today.

And, I love him even more today than I did then.

Happy Anniversary!

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Status Update: July

Sitting…in my bedroom. Time to relax.

Drinking….water. Lots of water these days. It’s hot here.

Working on…a new directory for our church! The old one is a couple of years old, and we have new families, new marriages, and new babies. Actually, it has been a fun project to see how the Lord is growing our church family!

Grateful…for a good report from the doctor, and another glimpse of our sweet baby girl! At 20 weeks, I was told that I had a slight placenta previa. But, my doctor said not to worry as it would probably resolve itself. Praise the Lord, it has moved, and is no longer an issue. Baby girl is continuing to grow and develop “right on track.” She is (still) breech, so now we’re just praying that she will turn in the next few weeks!

Planning…a year’s worth of homeschool lessons…around the birth of a new baby. We are getting ready to start “next year” in the next week or so. (Not only are we doing school through the summer, we are starting our new school year in July!) And, at the same time, we are still trying to finish up a few remaining lessons from this year.

Reading…well, other than third grade homeschool curriculum…
Feminine Threads, by Diana Severance – A book written by a sweet lady in our church, tracing the history of women in Christianity.
Meet the Puritans, by Joel Beeke – What can I say? I love the Puritans.
One-to-One Bible Reading, by David Helm – A simple, straightforward guide on how to read the Bible with others…very interesting!
My Heart in His Hands, by Sharon James – A biography of Ann Judson of Burma. I originally read this in college, so this is a re-read, but still good.
Gospel Treason, by Brad Bigney – This was recommended by a sweet, wise friend, and I’m having a hard time putting it down.

Pondering….the content of the above books, and how to apply it all.

Looking at…this sweet face:

Ultrasound (7/1/13)

Baby Girl – 7/1/13



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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! (6/29/13)

We had a quiet, low key celebration for Daddy’s birthday!

Poor guy, we made him cook his own dinner!! But, given the menu, I think he probably preferred it that way…we all did! On the menu: grilled steaks (and, hot dogs for the kids), and grilled corn on the cob…there was supposed to be watermelon too, but it never made it to the table! For dessert, we skipped the traditional birthday cake, and had Banana Pudding instead. But, it did have a candle! Hannah insisted.

After dinner, he opened a sweet homemade card from Hannah, and his gift – floor mats for his little “gym” in the garage.

Yes, the garage has been a bit of a theme in his gifts recently. Believe it or not, I actually do get tired of buying him books…and he does have other hobbies.

Happy Birthday!! We love you!!

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Grandma’s Visit

Grandma's Visit

We enjoyed having Grandma here for a week!
It had been a year (almost exactly!) since she was here last.
So, we made up for lost time…
She read stories, and played Legos.
We went to the mall, and rode the merry-go-round.
We stayed up way too late talking.
And, she did laundry, and watched the kids so that Jason and I could get away for a few hours.

We miss her. But, she is coming in October, when baby girl is due to arrive. Hannah has already started the countdown! She will be back in just 100 days! (Just 100 days? It does seem like a long time…especially for 2 little children I know. But, at the same time, it doesn’t sound so very long, when I consider that, give or take a few days, that is also about how long it will be until we meet our newest little one!)

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Our  Father’s Day:

We had a quiet little celebration – after church, and before naptime.

We gave Daddy a fan for the garage…

I know. It doesn’t sound too exciting. But, he has been working so hard to move boxes around, and organizing everything out there…making it much easier to get around, and to find what we are looking for! (It has already been a huge help, but I know it will be even more so in a few months when we need to pull out Hannah’s old baby clothes!) And, it is warm out there! I’m not sure if this will make much of a difference, but hopefully it will make it just a bit more pleasant.

We are so thankful for him, and for all of his hard work for our family…everyday.

Happy Father’s Day!!

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