C’est La Vie

For whatever reason, I have not been able to find the time, or maybe it’s the inclination to blog as much as I would like since our move.  And, although I’ve tried, I really have not been able to figure out why.  We’re busy, sure, but, we were busy before we moved too.  So, what exactly is it that seems to make life so much more full these days?  I don’t really know. 


Jason’s schedule has changed drastically, and I think that has thrown me off more than I thought possible.  Because he “technically” works on Sundays, he now has Mondays off.  (I say that he “technically” works, because going to church has always been a part of our life – and not just going, but serving.  I know that he has more official responsibilities now, and that he is actually getting paid for them now – which is nice!  But, I am still having a hard time thinking of it as a “workday.”)  So, I am feeling a little spoiled – like we get an extra weekend day…every week!


But, it has been great!  (And, I’m trying to thoroughly enjoy it now, because I know it probably won’t always be this way!)  The fact that we don’t have (extended) family nearby, and that we are still just beginning to get to know people has resulted in our spending a lot more time together – just the 3 of us!  We have loved exploring our new surroundings, finding new places and new things to do… 




Of course, all this extra family time on the weekend makes our week seem incredibly short!  In addition to the everyday stuff of life (cleaning, cooking, homeschooling), I am involved in one weekly women’s Bible Study, Hannah is enjoying Cubbies (at another local church), we host (and Jason teaches) the youth study each week, we are also involved in a home group that meets every other week!  So, our days, and weeks are full.  And, I guess, as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun.  Wow!  You know, I just realized that we have been here for 2 months!!  How is that even possible!? 


Really though, 2 months is not very long.  And, we are still arranging, and re-arranging our house, trying to remember where we put things, finding our way around town, getting to know people – both in our neighborhood, and at church, reestablishing our routines, and discovering a “new normal.”  And, in all of that blogging has sort of fallen by the wayside for the past few weeks…


But, although the blog has been relatively quiet, we are good.  Life is good…God is good!


And, I am hoping to someday (soon!) resume posting with some semblance of regularity…and maybe even with a little more thought and substance as well!