Our Newest Addition

Meet Shiloh…Hannah’s dream come true – her very own, real, live dog.


She is an 11-month-old chocolate Chinese Sharpei/Mix…with what?  We don’t really know.  🙂


She loves to run (Jason is excited to have a jogging buddy!), and play, and is fairly obedient (still needs a little work, but then, don’t we all?).  Oh, and she’s potty-trained. (Yay!) 


A puppy/dog is a new experience for us…We have always been “cat people.”


Speaking of the cats…ours were less than thrilled.  Charis ran away and hid under our bed almost immediately.  I think she might still be there.  Katy surprised us by sticking around for a little while, before taking off for higher ground where she could keep her eye on the intruder…from a safe distance. :)


I’m kind of wondering what we’ve gotten ourselves into…but she is such a sweetheart.  I think she just might be a keeper…