Around Town


Before we moved here, when I pictured Arizona, I pictured desert.  And cactus.  And heat.  (Although, I don’t exactly know how one pictures heat…but I guess managed to do it!) 


I did not picture farmland, and green fields, and hay bales, and tractors. 


Maybe I should have…


About a mile or so from our house, these signs start popping up:




And, apparently, with good reason!! 



We followed this guy most of the way to Hannah’s ballet class this morning!  And, he was most definitely not going the posted speed limit of 50 miles per hour!


I wasn’t expecting “country life” when we moved here, but, I think I kind of like it!!


  1. Kat

    yah, definitely not something we’re used to in CA! When we moved here to OH and I had to take the written driver’s license test to transfer my license over, I got two questions wrong. The first was basically asking the law for operating “slow farm machinery” on the roads at night. I still forget the correct answer but my answer (the WRONG one) was that they shouldn’t be! 🙂

    I think the second question was about who needed to have their seatbelt on and apparently only the driver and front seat passenger need to be belted in here.

    I don’t think we’re in California anymore Toto. 😉

  2. Tractors on the road are commonplace where I live. And I’m with you, I think I like it too. :))

  3. Small town life can certainly also mean life in the slow lane–literally!

    1. Now that should have been the title of this post – “Life in the Slow Lane”! 🙂

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