Women Discipling Women

For all 2 of you who actually still check up on my neglected little blog…and might have been wondering were I had disappeared to, here’s a peek:
Women Discipling Women Conference



I started our “family” vacation a little earlier than the rest of my family.  My friend Anita (who also happens to be my pastor’s wife) and I drove out to California to attend the Women Discipling Women Conference!  Long drive, but very worth it – and I had great company! 😉


I hope to have more detailed posts about some of the sessions and workshops in the very near future (after we get home, and unpacked, and upload our vacation pictures).  I took pages of notes, but it truly was like attempting to drink from a firehose – lots of incredible information coming at you very, very quickly!  So, I want to spend some time reviewing my notes, and reflecting on all that was said.  But for now, I’ll just say that  it was a wonderful weekend of teaching and fellowship (and caffeine!).  And, I am already looking forward to next year.  If you are involved, or just interested in ministering to women in your church, consider signing up for next year’s conference – you won’t be disappointed!


I also came home with several new books that I am very eager to devour!! :)  So, that might have a little bit of an impact on how quickly I get back to blogging as well.  😉  Until then, we’re on vacation!