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Yes, I’ve had this blog for, going on 4 years now?  Wow, has it really been that long?!  And, I’m just now wanting to get to know those of you who frequent this site…  Apparently, I could use a little training in social graces.


When I started this blog, the idea was simply to have a place to keep out-of-state family (and maybe a few friends) updated on the day to day goings on in our (boring) life…and, of course, to show off them pictures of Hannah.


While I still post pictures of Hannah (because she is my daughter…and in my oh-so-humble opinion is the cutest kid ever…and, well, this is my site, so I can!), and occasionally the details of our still-boring life, some of the content, my goals, and the purpose of this site has changed over the years.  And, with those changes, some of the readers have changed.  (Although, a few grandparents still check in occasionally.) 


This site has become an outlet of sorts, for all that I am studying, pondering, and reading.  It is a very small attempt at maintaining some level of sanity – both for myself, and for my family.  My husband often says that my brain was not equipped with an “off” switch…and I think he is right.  I have a tendency to think about a particular topic, book, passage of Scripture, song, television show, magazine article, blog post…ad infinitum.  And, those ever spinning thoughts overflowing my brain, by way of my mouth, hold the potential for getting quite messy.  John Calvin, quoting Augustine said, “I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write.”  One of my favorite quotes.  I love the order and clarity writing forces me to bring to my scattered, disjointed thoughts.  So, I write. 


But, I was thinking that if you are coming along for the ride, then I would really like to know a little more about you…and maybe find out a little bit about what you are looking for, or expecting in your visits to this site.  Hence the new polls in the sidebar to the left!  I would love it, if you would take a moment to fill them out…answer all the questions, or just a few.  It is all anonymous, so I won’t know who said what.  I’d just like to know a little more about y’all!  (Some of you are faithful to comment, or e-mail, and I have loved getting to know some of you that way!  If you’d like to introduce yourself on a little bit more personal level, feel free to use the contact form at the top of the page to tell me a little more about yourself!)


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  2. i’m pretty sure this is my first visit to your site….clicked on a RT link on twitter.
    anyway, finished up your poll and now i’m off to look around a bit 😉

  3. Mandi

    Hey VJ! So I’m an infrequent visitor, I admit, but I love being able to keep up-to-date on your family and life. Thank you for all your posting. And oh….Welcome to AZ! 😀

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