Giving Thanks, Thinking Biblically

Giving Thanks

This week, we have all seen the images and reports of the suffering and devastation in Haiti.  And, we have heard many ask (and unfortunately, some have also answered) the question, “How could a good God allow this…this kind of suffering, this kind of pain, this kind of tragedy?”


And yet, even in light of this tragedy, we are still blessed.  Beyond measure, beyond our comprehension, beyond anything we could have possibly hoped for or imagined.


On most days, when we are surrounded, not by tragedy, and suffering, and despair, but by the multitude of blessings and gifts, freely given by our Heavenly Father…When our little world is “all as it should be,” do we question God then?  Do we ask not, “How could a good God allow this kind of suffering?” but, “How could a just God allow these kinds of blessings?”


Blessings like…

“Mommy, I want to keep you forever.”

Bedtime snuggles with my little girl…

…followed by the weight of a sleepy, little blond head on my shoulder.

Slowly seeing order emerging from chaos.

Sparkly red toenail polish…because it just makes me happy.

Yellow highlighters.

A listening ear…


Quiet moments in the early mornings…to read and study.

A little “missionary in training” who wants everyone to know and love Jesus…and asks everyone she meets if they do!

Cooler weather…it actually feels like it could be the middle of January!

Dark, cloudy skies in the middle of the afternoon.

Rainy days…

A warm, dry house home.

Toys, stickers, crayons, and dolls scattered on the floor…and the couch…and the tables… I know they won’t be there forever.

New, soft, brightly colored tubs of Play-Doh.

Warm, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.


Our pastor reminded us yesterday that

“the richness of God’s grace that surrounds all of us, Christian and non-Christian alike. And God’s goodness and mercy and grace serve not only to bless us, but to make the case against us even stronger. Because of His indisputable grace, our sin against a God like this is even more disturbing, even more disgusting, even more damning.”

This week, may each blessing – the material and tangible, as well as the invisible and spiritual – serve as a reminder of how undeserving we are of each one.  And may they cause us to look Upward in gratitude for that which we do deserve, yet do not receive…because our Savior received it in our stead.



  1. Sheri

    This is the very reason that when I pray for those I know and love who are not yet saved that I have even begged God to grant my salvation to them. For all the grace that I have experienced in my short lifetime I know that it has all been undeserved and remains more than sufficient. The saying is true… God is good. He’s good all of the time.

  2. yellow highlighters = favorite..:)

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