What's On Your Nightstand?

What’s On Your Nightstand? – January

It is once again time for 5 Minutes for Books’ What’s on Your Nightstand?  I love seeing what others are reading, and always end up adding another book (or five!) to my own list.

.What's On Your Nightstand


This is the stack on my nightstand this month:



The Bruised Reed, by Richard Sibbes

Unfashionable, by Tullian Tchividjian

Should We Leave Our Churches?, by J. Ligon Duncan & Mark Talbot

War of Words, by Paul Tripp

Worldly Saints, by Leland Ryken

Adopted for Life, by Russell Moore

The Joy of a Word-Filled Family, by John Barnett

So Much More, by Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin

Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon


And, of course, I am still keeping up with the Bible in 90 Days!


Yes, I have quite a stack! 


And, I couldn’t help myself.  I just ordered 2 more books (Dug Down Deep, by Joshua Harris, and You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes, by Lisa McKay), and I am eagerly anticipating their arrival.  There is also a third book in there that, technically, I ordered “for my husband.”  But, I am looking forward to getting my hands on it as well…when he is finished with it, of course.


But, those will simply replace the two books that I have already finished.  I have been reading War of Words with my ladies Bible study group, and we will be discussing the last chapter next week!  (So, I am almost finished with that one!)  And, I recently finished So Much More, by the Botkin sisters, and I am currently working on a review, that I hope to post in the somewhat near future.


I’d love to elaborate a little more on each book, but, the laundry pile is calling my name…loudly, and threatening to take over the entire house if I don’t get in there and do something about it!  Okay, not really, but the dryer is buzzing, so I’d better get back to work. 


Don’t forget to link up over at 5 Minutes for Books, and let us know What’s on Your Nightstand this month!


  1. Ha ha — the BEST gift books are books given with ulterior motives. I’ve done that myself. In fact, once I read a book (very very gently) before I gave it away, even though I had bought it with the intent of giving it to that person.

    1. Jennifer,
      My poor husband…I do that to him all the time! Actually, 2 of the books on this list used to belong to him…Used to. 😉 He finds a book, reads it, tells me how good it was, and then I steal it from him. 🙂

  2. This looks like a wonderful list. Happy Reading!

  3. My laundry is calling too but I’m plugging my ears!

    Your stack looks fun!

    As a side note – I love the title and subtitle of your blog! Now I’ve got to vote on your sidebar here….

    Thanks for linking up with us this month!

  4. Hi Veronica
    I love your blog design/header. I read mostly Christian fiction but a few non fiction too. One of my goals this year is to read more classics and more non fiction. 🙂

    1. Brittanie – I used to read a lot of Christian fiction, but kind of got away from it in college (no time). Now, I just haven’t read it in so long, I don’t really know what is out there anymore (or any good). So, I’m excited to get some ideas/recommendations from others. I am looking forward to adding a few more of the classics (some that I read in school, and some that I never “had” to read) this year, too! 🙂

  5. Thank you for the reviews and the list. I just requested The Joy of a Word Filled Family and also You can still wear…shoes. I look forward to reading them.

  6. The Joy of a Word-Filled Family really caught my eye. I’m going to be looking for it. Your reading list looks great!

  7. I’m so wanting to read Dug Down Deep! You’ve got a great list!!!

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