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From Unfashionable, by Tullian Tchividjian:

“The real tragedy here is that when professing Christians discard the Bible, they’re largely prevented from making a lasting difference in the world.  Why?  Because their standard is no different from the world’s.  Making that difference requires us to think and live differently than the world does, and the Bible alone – as revealed truth coming from outside us – is where we learn how to do it….


Whether it’s athletic competition, entertainment, sex, money, politics, business, art, or science, our faith ought to inform every arena of thought and life.  Nowhere does the Bible say that the Christian faith is private, partial, and compartmentalized.  On the contrary, the Christian faith is public, pervasive, and complete (see 1 Corinthians 10:31).  And this faith is to be governed and fueled by God’s Word, not merely on Sundays, but every day and in every way.” (pgs. 38-39).


I almost always read with a highlighter in hand, so that I can mark certain passages for future reference.  But, every once in a while, I come across a sentence, or a paragraph (or two!) that I think everyone needs to read.  So, I was excited to discover this blog carnival (through Lisa), which is hosted by Melissa, at Breath of Life.  The idea is to share a quote, or quotes that spoke to you during the week.  They can be from any written source (magazine, newspaper, blog, book).  The only requirement is that they be words you read.   


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  1. Great thoughts you shared – and so true! Sad when God’s Word is no longer the foundation for a Christian’s life!

    Also, great to find another Christian homeschooler! =)

    ~ Leah

  2. GREAT, GREAT quote! So glad you joined in this week!

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