Biblical Womanhood, Thinking Biblically

Online Speech

  . Social media/networking sites like Facebook and Twitter offer users a measure of isolation and anonymity, while still allowing them to “connect” with other people.  Behind the virtual wall of the computer screen, the restraints of civility and polite conversation are removed.  People feel free to share intimate, personal, and private details – about their own lives, and others’ …

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Biblical Womanhood, Quiet Time, Thinking Biblically

The Delight of My Heart

(photo credit: wazoo75) . When people begin to talk about their relationship with the Lord, and their time in the Word and in prayer with excitement and passion, do you find yourself eagerly nodding in understanding and agreement?   . Or…do you cross your arms and roll your eyes, assuming it must be forced, and phony.  After all, no one is …

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Book Reviews

Book Review: So Much More

“God has given principles for all people to live by.  Christians are supposed to know exactly what these principles are and live by them, setting the example and upholding the standard.  Yet Christians can be some of the most careless and ungrateful and forgetful people.  We Christians can be responsible for leading the culture either away from God’s design or …

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Quotes, The Lord's Day


Glorious God, It is the flame of my life to worship thee,        the crown and glory of my soul to adore thee,        heavenly pleasure to approach thee. Give me power by thy Spirit to help me worship now,               that I may forget the world,                                be brought into fullness of life,                                be refreshed, …

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