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I’m just curious…


Why does it seem that Fundamentalism (or Fundamentalist) has become a “dirty word,” an insult of sorts, within many Christian circles?


(Some of you may have seen this question earlier on Facebook or Twitter, but the imposed character limit made it difficult to respond thoroughly and clearly.)


Perhaps it goes without saying, but please keep the responses civil.


  1. SO true! I would most certainly be considered a fundamentalist! But I am secure in that stereotype or title! I think the lifestyle that goes along with being a fundamentalist is offensive in itself. It rubs people the wrong way.
    I would much rather be called a fundamentalist than be called “politically correct”. That is more offensive in my book. I do dislike the term “fundie” that is used to call us by person. 🙂

  2. Thankful for His Grace

    I have thought the same thing because it is my understanding that fundamental basicly means FOUNDATIONAL…having the Bible as the foundation of all you do, think and say. While I don’t belong to a “fundamentalist” church, I do admire and respect many that do and as I dig deeper into the Word myself, my actions, thinking and speech become more fundamental. As long as we don’t forget our first love, Jesus, and He is the focus of all we do, we will have fulfilled our purpose (“to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”). For instance, take the dresses-only issue…if a female is convicted through study of the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit to wear only dresses or skirts, why should anyone judge that? This is a topic that my husband and I are currently looking into so I hope you don’t mind me asking a question…Why is it okay for a woman to wear a skirt or dress to work or church but it’s weird to wear one on a day to day basis? In our homeschool, we are reading the Little House books and watching the TV series and those women and girls worked hard and had fun while wearing skirts. If they could do it, why can’t we? We personally have not be convicted yet one way or the other but it is something we are looking into. May God bless your ministry here and on Raising Homemakers (how I found your site)!

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