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Crock Pot Baked Potatoes

Yes, you can cook potatoes in the CrockPot! . . This is a great meal for company – especially a fun, casual gathering…Set out all the toppings, and let people create their own… This is also an easy way to let your kids help in the kitchen!! And, the clean-up…super easy!! . Ingredients: Aluminum Foil Russet/Baking Potatoes . Yes, that’s …

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Friday Favorites

Some recommended reading for your weekend: Frank Turk’s Open Letter to Rob Bell on Pyromaniacs – Frank does a great job of pointing out the obvious, and addressing some of the glaring inconsistencies in Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins. Not really reading, but still worth your time an attention: This Panel Discussion from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on…what else?! Rob …

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