While It Is Yet Night…

Is it just me, or do words like “fatigue,” “weariness,” and “sheer exhaustion” seem to be this month’s theme?


Maybe it is the perpetual gloomy weather and frigid temperatures of winter catching up with us.  Maybe we are still in the midst of nursing, or recuperating from lingering winter illnesses.  Maybe we are finally recovering from the busyness and constant activity of the holidays.  Maybe it is that pesky hour of sleep lost to Daylight Savings Time.


Or maybe…that’s just life.


Raising Homemakers


Today, I am over at Raising Homemakers, writing about the weariness and fatigue that often accompany motherhood, homemaking, and life…and how, like the woman of Proverbs 31, we also must rise “While It Is Yet Night”.

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  1. amyg

    veronica, i am in tears and in absolute wonderment at God for putting these words into print through you! i am rising at 6 am every morning for Lent. God opened my eyes to my laziness after i actually (and still i am in unbelief at what i said) told my children i believed they were lazy for not wanting to learn and grow after a challenging day of schooling. almost immediately after i said it, God convicted me and showed me that it was ME, me that was the example of laziness my children were following. you see, i had already decided to stop drinking my diet drinks for lent and only have water (what i thought was a big sacrifice) ohhhhh but God knew what i needed! i needed to not sleep in- day after day- while my husband and children were up for the day. my late nights were causing us to fall very behind in our schooling!! praise God for showing me the truth and praise Him for leading you to write this. thank you! it was exactly the confirmation i needed. it was tough to rise early today, yet i am smiling 🙂 may God bless you!

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