Under Construction

Don’t mind me.  I’m just in the mood to rearrange large pieces of furniture, and paint each of the walls a different color tonight.

But, painting is out of the question.  And I simply do not have the heart to ask my husband to move one more item.  Especially since I usually end up asking him to put it all back the way it was…because the actual layout of the room doesn’t always match the picture in my head.


Instead, I’m turning the urge to rearrange and redecorate loose here, on the blog.

So, if things suddenly look different, or out of place…  That’s why.

Of course, I also have a very specific picture in my head of what I want this site to look like, but I often lack sufficient skills or creativity to carry it out…

Which is why, much like rearranging the furniture in my home, it is quite likely that everything may very well end up looking exactly the way it did before…


  1. Melody

    Oh! You’re so cute! Your nesting! I like it. Have fun.

    1. Nesting! Is that what this is?? I thought that came later! 😉

      1. Melody

        Second trimester is great for nesting. You tend to feel better- not so sick and tired. And you’re not too big and uncomfortable, yet. By the time I was 14 weeks along with Isabella I found myself scrubbing walls and baseboards, worried that with 3 other kids making messes all the time that I needed to get a head start on it.

  2. Your header is cute – love the polka dots! One thing that I read about doing and I did it with my latest “redecorating” was I made a “test” blog or a second blog where I could copy my existing design then tweak it the way I wanted it to look – then when satisfied, I just transferred my design over to my real blog. It works really well! Then I can play with the test blog as much as I want without everyone “seeing” what I’m doing! Happy redecorating! :0) Love your blog by the way!

    1. @Ann – That’s a good idea!! I never thought about that!! But I’ll definitely have to remember it for next time!! 🙂 (Now if I could only do that with my living room when I get the urge to rearrange furniture!! Then I could still have company over while I’m in the midst of these redecorating moods!!)

  3. DAD

    I like the smaller banner at the top, it allows me to see the start of the article without having to page down. With your previous banner, that’s all I saw on the first screen.
    Love you and miss you all.

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