Status Report: May

Sitting…at my desk (that’s where the computer is).

Drinking…an afternoon cup of (decaf, dairy-free) coffee…  Yes, as a matter of fact, I am wondering why I even bothered.

Reading…well, re-reading Nourishing Traditions. A possible dairy allergy/intolerance in my little guy has renewed my interest in creating and maintaining a healthier, more whole foods approach to our family diet.

Watching…my daughter finish up her school assignments for the day, while my son naps in his swing….

Enjoying…a few moments of quiet before tackling the clean laundry pile on my couch.

Realizing…that it will probably be a while before I have large blocks of time in which to complete chores, projects (big and small), etc. And…

Learning…to use little bits of time productively while I have them.

Boxing up…my boy’s newborn-sized clothes, most of the 0-3 month sized clothes (already!)…and my maternity clothes.

Hoping…that I’ll get to use them all again someday…

Treasuring…this season of life as a mommy of little ones. Yes, some of the nights are a bit too short. Some days, the laundry piles up faster than I can wash it.  And just getting out of the house for more than a few minutes is a major accomplishment… But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Wondering…why I complain about not having enough time to do the things that matter, when I waste so much time on things that don’t matter.

And on that note…

Finishing…this post because I need to fold the laundry…and make dinner…and snuggle with my little guy…and play dolls with my girl…and not necessarily in that order.

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  1. What a precious season of life! Enjoy!

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