Grandpa & Grandma’s Visit

{More pictures here.}

The highlights:

  • Introducing my dad to his grandson!! (My mom came to visit when Titus was a month old…so although she had already met him, he had changed a lot in the last few months!)
  • Watching the L.A. Kings win the Stanley Cup!!
  • Hannah enjoyed playing dolls with Grandma & Grandpa, having tea parties with Grandma every afternoon (with real tea!), and getting to go swimming and have a sleepover at their hotel.
  • My parents got to experience a real Texas thunderstorm…thunder, lightning, pouring rain, and crazy wind that downed a few branches and trees in our neighborhood, and shut off our power for about 8 hours!! (It was only fair…When Jason’s parents visited us in California several years ago, they got to experience an earthquake…)
  • Spending Father’s Day with my dad!!

We love and miss you!! Come visit again soon!!