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Titus Ryle: 7 Months

Here are his current stats 
(Well, current as of his 6 1/2 month check-up):
Weight: 18 pounds (60th percentile)
Height: 27 inches (55th percentile)

It is so amazing to look back and see how much he has changed…over the last several months, of course. But, he has grown and changed so much in just the past few weeks as well!

 At 6 months, he was just barely starting to sit up on his own…and, when he did, he was still pretty wobbly.
But, now…

 Last month, he was just beginning to “enjoy” cereal.
This month, he sampled quite the variety of {homemade!!} baby food: butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, peas, bananas, peaches, and applesauce. The foods I thought he would love immediately (the bananas and the carrots) were rejected outright. While the one I thought he would spit back at me (the peas) was an instant favorite! (Although, he has warmed up to all of them now, and has quite a hearty little appetite!)

If he finishes his food, he gets to play with the bowl.
That may be his favorite part of every meal!!

And (no pictures of this one…yet) this little guy celebrated his 7th month by cutting his first tooth!! I have been checking his bottom gums multiple times a day for the past few weeks, looking for any signs that a tiny little tooth had made an appearance. But, always full of surprises…his first tooth showed up on top!!

And, check out those eyes…
It looks like his “Baby Blues” just might be here to stay!