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First Day of School: Second Grade

{In case you couldn’t tell, I love these little photo-collages.}

You will probably recognize our schoolroom set-up from last year. It worked out great, so there weren’t many changes that needed to be made…

But, as per tradition, I made sure everything was ready the night/early morning before. (Yes, they are pretty much the same thing in my world.)

I set up our school table… Complete with a first-day-of-school gift:

A new horse spiral-bound notebook for copywork; a matching horse folder, for keeping all of those important 2nd grade papers (Is this a second grade thing? Because suddenly this girl loves horses! Maybe it’s a Texas-thing?); new markers, pencils, erasers – in last year’s pencil box; and a 3-ring binder with paper and our daily schedule. (Okay, so that one was for me.)

We started out the day with our family Bible time, and Hannah’s requested first-day-of-school breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls and Hot Chocolate. (Yes, it was 90 degrees outside, and the girl wanted hot chocolate.)

And, then, before we got to work, snapped a few first-day-of-school pictures:

My Sweet Second Grader

Ready to get started!

Yes. The first day of school is kind of a big deal around here… In case you couldn’t tell.

I’ve always loved the first day of school… It was so exciting! Everything fresh and new…brand new pencils, sharp crayons, empty notebooks, text books filled with new things to learn… And, I want the first day of school to be a good memory for my children…something for them to look forward to with joy and excitement, not dread.

If it is possible, I think enjoy the first day of school “festivities” even more as a mom. Not because it means “freedom” for a few hours a day…if anything, life has just become even busier and more exhausting than it was before. But, I love it. It can be a daunting responsibility sometimes. But, it is also an immense privilege to spend each day with my children…teaching and training them. (And, most of the time, it is a lot of fun too!!)

“There are many worthwhile pursuits in this world, but few of them rise to the level of training our children to follow the Lord and keep His commandments.  I desperately want my sons and daughters to walk with God, and I am willing to do whatever it takes, whatever the Bible says I must do in order to be used by God as a means to that end.” ~Voddie Baucham (Family Driven Faith, pg. 20)


  1. Awesome….absolutely awesome. You guys look so happy and ready to start 2nd grade. My little boy is in 2nd grade too. Your room looks great and I am admiring the cursive letters….I need to get some but haven’t looked to find out where yet! Have a great start to your year! And have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks Karen! 🙂 We had a great first day…and are looking forward to (another) great year. I didn’t realize your boy was in 2nd grade too! How fun! 🙂
      The letters I have on the wall are the pre-cursive “font” from BJU Press.

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