I Am Resolved…

“I am resolved to be a good Mother to my children, to pray for them, to set them good examples, to give them good advice, to be careful both of their souls and bodies, to watch over their tender minds; to carefully root out the first appearing and buddings of vice, and to instill piety, virture, and true religion into them.”
~Eliza Lucas Pinckney

Today is the start of a new year, and talk often turns to resolutions and reevaluation of the previous year’s goals and habits.

I have been given 2 precious children to love, care for, teach, train, and disciple. It is a busy, sleep-deprived season of life. (But, it is also a lot of fun!) As the saying goes, “the days are long, but the years are short.”

And, as I think about just how quickly the time passes, I want to be intentional about enjoying the fleeting moments of babyhood and childhood each day.

I want to delight in this God-given sphere of ministry and influence….both today, and in the year to come.

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