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Titus Ryle: 11 Months Old

Titus decided to “celebrate” turning 11-Months by catching a cold…which he oh-so kindly shared with me. So, since he was miserable, stuffy, and snotty, I postponed our little “photo shoot” a few days. You can see where he scratched his nose while he was sick. I was going to wait until that healed completely, but… Hey, this is what he looked like at 11 months! Still so very handsome!

Titus Ryle: 11 Months Old

But, on the brighter side, he also celebrated turning 11-months old by only waking once that night!! Okay, maybe I was the one who was doing the celebrating on that one.

He is still crawling…and has gotten quite speedy! Especially if he is going after something he shouldn’t be! Then he hits turbo-speed!! He still isn’t walking…but he is “cruising” around the living room by holding on to the furniture. He is also standing up on his own…without holding on to anything, so I’m sure those first steps are coming soon.

He has started chattering with us…much of it is still somewhat unintelligible, but we are able to pick out a few real words here and there: Hannah, sister (yes, we know who his favorite person is!), Dada, Mama, kitty (pronounced “kit-eh”), and yeah.

One day, he was reaching for something he shouldn’t have, and I said, “Titus, don’t touch. That’s a no-no.”
He looked at me, grinned, and said, “Yeah yeah!”

Oh my. Am I ever in trouble. Total depravity has never been so cute!!


  1. He’s SO adorable! I love the “no-no” vs “yeah yeah” dialogue, and those eyelashes–be still my heart!

  2. Oh, look at those eyes. He’s such an angel.
    Sweet and adorable!

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