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Titus Ryle: 1 Year Old

The Birthday Boy

It is hard to believe it has already been a year! You were the perfect addition to our little family. You have brought so much joy, and energy…and noise…into our lives. You are growing and changing so fast…quickly becoming more “little boy,” and less “baby,” each day!

You are still my little snuggle-bug, though. I love how you wrap your little arms around my neck and squeeze when I carry you to bed. And, I love your sweet baby-kisses. And, somehow, you can just look up at me with that smile, and suddenly, I don’t mind getting up 3 or 4 times a night. (That’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy a full night of sleep at some point…You might want to try it. Who knows? You might enjoy it too!)

I love how much you love your sister, and how you play so well together. Everyday, when I get you up after your nap, you immediately ask for “Sister.” I think one of your favorite things to do is to go knock on her door…and you always look so surprised and excited when she answers! I love hearing you two giggle together as you play. It is one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. And I love to hear your delighted squeals when you hear Daddy open the door as he comes home each evening. But, I also love that you are still a bit of a “mama’s boy” right now. I know the day is coming when you won’t want, or need, me around as much…so I may be a little selfish with you, and enjoy it, while I can!

You still crawl everywhere. I think you could walk…if you wanted to. You can stand on your own so well! But, I think you like crawling…it gets you where you want to go a little faster! You sure can climb though! You are a resourceful little guy…and I’m definitely going to have to keep my eyes on you!! More than once, I have found you overturning baskets, and stacking them like stair-steps, so you could climb up on a toy…or a chair…or the coffee table.

You are definitely all boy. You love your blocks…but, mostly I think you like knocking down the towers the mommy and Hannah build for you. And, I’ve learned that the louder the noise, the more fun it must be. 🙂

I love hearing your little voice! You don’t have too many “real” words in your vocabulary yet, but you definitely have some very important things to say! You can be so serious, and so passionate as you talk…waving your little hands around to emphasize your points… Hmm…I wonder where you get that? 😉

You have an iron will…and you can definitely be a stubborn little guy! (Sorry, buddy. You get that from your mommy, too.)

I pray that the Lord would draw you to Himself, and, that He would use that strong, stubborn will for His glory… It is my constant prayer that you would grow up to be a man of honor, and of conviction.

I love you so much, my sweet boy. I am so thankful for you, and so blessed to be to be your mommy. Happy 1st Birthday, Titus!

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful baby boy! I love boys since I have three of my own {but I adore my daughter too}. The more boys I have had, the more I have come to love their noise, their leadership skills, their drive, and no fear of things…. just helps me realize that MEN are developing in my home. And what a great honor that is!

    Yes, definitely soak in every moment of his baby days, kisses, and arms wrapped around your neck. 🙂

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