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Happy 2nd Birthday, Rebekah!

My sweet Rebekah Ann! I can hardly believe you have been a part of our family for 2 years. You were another amazing surprise, and an answer to so many prayers.


You are the perfect combination of spunky, sweet, and stubborn. It has been amazing to watch you grow and change this year. Only a year ago, you were a mostly-bald, crawling baby, who could barely talk. (But, still tried desperately to get her point across!) Today, you are running around with your big brother and sister, with your wispy blond hair constantly in your eyes!

And, wow. You can definitely get your point across now! You have one volume. Loud. I guess when you are the “middle child” you do what it takes to be noticed.

You love music, and I have been repeatedly amazed at your ability to sing songs with a recognizable tune!

You are stubborn…and kind of a klutz – like your mommy. And, yet, you can be absolutely fearless at times. All of this has been a heart-stopping combination for mommy on more than one occasion…as I have had to contemplate taking you to the emergency room to get stitches – in your tongue! Or as I watch you fall head-first down the stairs…and then jump up and declare “I okay!”

“I do it” has become your favorite phrase…whether it is getting dressed, buckling yourself in to your carseat, or brushing your teeth, you want to do it on your own! You just want to keep up with your big brother and sister! You love being one of the “big kids” and have put that determination to good use. You decided to start potty-training yourself. Maybe some of that stubbornness will make mommy’s life easier after all, huh?

You are definitely not a morning person. Waking up is just a very hard thing for you… But, I love getting you up from your naps, because you will still sit in my lap, and snuggle with me, until you are fully awake. And, I’ll take all the sweet snuggles I can get! Sometimes it isn’t very long before your sweet smile returns, and your amazing energy kicks in, and you’re climbing down, ready to go again!

Even though you were a little unsure about adding a baby to the family, you have become a great big sister! You love to hug and kiss your baby sister. You bring her toys to play with, and try to entertain her when mommy is busy. You (try to) comfort her when she cries. You sing to her in the car. And you love to climb in the pack and play with her, just to keep her company! I love how much you love her, and I can’t wait to watch you two grow up together!

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet girl!