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Our Little Lady Turned ONE!


We celebrated with a Ladybug-themed party!

2016_03_265 and some sweet friends from church…
And, just between our two families, we had 8 kids at this party!

2016_03_261Present time!
I have never seen a one-year-old so into opening gifts.
This girl thoroughly enjoyed herself.
And she had plenty of willing helpers…and toy testers!


It’s a lamb. Her name means “ewe.” Appropriate, no?

2016_03_262This card…
Hannah made her a card, with cats. Because “Rachel likes cats.”
It’s true. She does.
But, I think it was her favorite present!
She squealed about it for a good 10 minutes, and showed it to everyone!
It was adorable!


2016_03_264This girl liked her cake!! A lot!

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet girl!


Happy 1st Birthday, Rachel!!