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Happy Birthday, Hannah!


How is she already 11?!

Even though this girl is growing up far too quickly for her mama’s liking, she has grown into the sweetest, most creative, joyful 11-year-old I know.

Hannah, you continue to amaze me with your talents, your joy, your creativity, and your genuine love and care for others.

You are the best big sister. And, I honestly don’t know what I would do without you! You usually have such a great attitude about all you are asked to do for, and with, your little brother and sisters. (And, you are asked to do a lot!) I know they can be a lot of work, but they love to be with you! And, I am so thankful that you genuinely enjoy being with them too. You patiently allow them to play in your room. You read the same book, over, and over, and over…and over. You make up silly stories, and imagine all sorts of new adventures for them. You reenact favorite cartoons, with surprising accuracy, to keep the little ones entertained. You sing songs, and snuggle with grumpy, still-sleepy siblings after their naps to cheer them up. And, you just might be the best pre-school teacher there is! Since he was only days old, you have tried to teach your brother everything you know… But, now he is actually interested! And, you fascinate him with random facts about sea creatures and bugs. You willingly help him practice writing his letters. You teach Rebekah about colors, and shapes, and subtraction. (Yes, really.) And you enthusiastically cheer each all of them on whenever they learn, or master, something new.

You have the most diverse interests of anyone I’ve ever known. Sometimes I can’t keep up!

You love learning all you can about any type of animal…but especially horses. And, I am encouraged and surprised by how clearly you can refute the evolutionary talk in the stacks of library books you bring home each week. You talk about becoming a real zoologist someday, and creating a sanctuary for endangered species, or tracking some undiscovered animal across Africa… But, you also have a dream of owning a little farm, just so you can have your very own horse.

You loved learning Hebrew with Daddy, and now you are begging to learn Greek, Latin, and Chinese. You draw, and color, and make all sorts of amazing creations…pictures, jewelry, cards. You want to learn how to cook and bake, so that, in addition to being a farmer, and an artist, and a zoologist, and, apparently, a linguist, you can also open a restaurant!

You are thoughtful, and compassionate, and encouraging. I love how you still greet your daddy when he comes home at the end of the day with the bouncy enthusiasm of a puppy. You constantly look for needs, and for ways to help meet them. Your sensitive heart cannot hear about how a missionary family is struggling without committing to pray for them…and trying to find a way to save enough money to send them a month’s worth of support. You are my little encourager…and I treasure your sweet notes, hugs, and happy smiles.

I love that you are still a little girl in so many ways. But, you are growing up, and becoming a beautiful young lady – inside and out. And, I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use all of your unique talents and interests someday.

I love you my sweet Hannah-girl. Happy 11th Birthday!