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My name is Veronica, and I am so glad you stopped by!

I like to think of this site as a virtual extension of my living room. So, please, make yourself comfortable, and grab a cup of coffee… I keep the coffee pot set on perpetual-brew, so there’s plenty to go around!  And, let’s get to know one another!

God greatly blessed me by allowing me to be born into a Christian family.  Although my parents did not grow up in Christian homes, God saved them before I was born, and, they were committed to raising me, and my sister, according to biblical principles. I include this fact anytime I share my testimony, not because Christian parents have some magical power to make their children “Christian” by association, but because I think that the impact of their lives is an incredible testimony to the responsibility of parents in the spiritual instruction of their children.

Because I was raised in a Christian family, I was exposed to the truths of Scripture at an early age.  Our family regularly attended, and was extensively involved in one local church throughout the majority of my childhood and teen years.  What I was taught at home was reinforced at church, by my Sunday School teachers and Awana leaders. So, when God graciously drew me to Himself, even though I was quite young, it was not surprising (to me) that I should respond to His working.

As a young child, I repented of my sins and trusted Christ as my personal Savior.  Yes, I had a child’s understanding of the gospel, but, I do believe my conversion to be genuine.  I do not really remember what life was like prior to my salvation.  And, I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit to save me at such an early age.  I cannot imagine the sin and accompanying consequences that I have been spared because of it.  I have been blessed with (almost) my entire lifetime to know, serve, and grow more in love with my Savior.

I spent 15 years involved in the AWANA program at our church.  As a result, the value and importance of Scripture memorization was ingrained in my thinking early.

Because I write much on the value of home-education and family discipleship, it may surprise you to know that I was not homeschooled.  My elementary education was spent in our local public school system, and I attended a Christian school for junior high and high school.

I attended The Master’s College, where I earned my degree in Biblical Studies, with an emphasis in Christian Education.  The Lord used this time at college to shape my worldview, to increase my passion for His Word, and to strengthen my desire to share His Truth with others.

Although I was originally very much against the idea of earning my “Mrs. degree,” this is also where I met my husband…

And, today, I feel as though I am living a dream come true: I am a (pastor’s) wife, a homemaker, a mommy to four precious children, and a homeschooler… My time is spent teaching, training, and treasuring my children, and tending to the care of our home. My days are full, but, my life is far from complicated!

This blog is simply a glimpse into my everyday, ordinary, imperfect, but abundant life…in Christ.

It is my desire to view every area and event of life through the lens of Scripture.  I want to think biblically about the roles and responsibilities that God has given me….to correctly apply, and passionately obey God’s Word…and to be content as I recognize God’s undeserved grace, mercy, and sovereign care in the big unexpected blessings, the difficult trials, and especially in the little, often overlooked, everyday moments.

Rest assured,  I do not have it all “figured out.”  I am a sinner daily in need of, and mercifully saved by, grace.

But, it is my prayer that you will be challenged by what you read here…to think biblically, obey passionately, and live contentedly…in light of the truth that what God gives is enough.

So, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s pursue A Quiet Heart together.

(What is A Quiet Heart? Glad you asked! Click here to find out!)

By His Grace,


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  1. Hi Veronica. I enjoyed browsing through your site today. You have a beautiful family!
    Blessings ~ Stacy

  2. Anna Nelson

    Hello, I am so thankful to have come across your pages, and your life unfolded in these many forms before us. I have been seeking out a resource that is like Awana; but printable from home for kiddos in the middle. While I respect what the program is doing, I feel that culturally it is more of a discontentment factory while at the same time trying very hard to display the Gospel of contentment. There is also Bible Bee, but my girls aren’t quite ready for that. So, I am pursuing something like (great for singing learners) but a little more kid friendly like yet for girls slightly older (age 6-10) . As an educator degree colleague myself, I know you know exactly where I am coming from (however I am sad to say I didn’t go to a Christian College) but God still used it for His good. 😉 Thank you for all you are doing and I hope this inspires you and encourages you to 2Peter 3:18 …grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen. Thank you for all you are doing for God’s Glory, tremendously encouraging.

  3. Glenn W Martin

    We are christians who love the Lord also. We have home schooled our children and have a lot in common. I am particularly interested to know what state and city you live in. I would look forward to meeting your family in the Lord’s timing. I am not on Twitter, Facebook or Instgram. Thank you and I hope my reply is encouraging to you all.

  4. Sherry Martin

    Hello, My Dad stumbled on your blog and forwarded it to me saying, “this might be an interesting contact”. The reason your blog caught my/our attention is because it is like I could have written it. Raised in a “Christian home”, saved at a young age I loved learning scripture and participating in Bible studies from the time I was young, raised in a community of Christians and much more. I didn’t see where you are from but I’m in VA and it would be fun to be able to visit with you and I’m sure my Dad would enjoy getting to meet your husband sometime. Even if it never happens here, it is comforting to know we have eternity, too!

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